I tried acupuncture for the first time with Drea to support me through my various treatments for breast cancer. I was having a lot of joint pain, numbness, fatigue and other side effects.
The weekly check-ins were a chance to reassess how I was doing and I found the procedure itself very therapeutic and relaxing. Drea is so caring and attentive, she really listens and responds to every change. I felt so supported by her professional and healing approach. I’m sure Drea contributed to my recovery and I am a convert to acupuncture!
— Sarah, London

Drea is attentive and informative with her consultations and has a reassuring manner throughout the treatment. She helped me recover quickly from a frozen shoulder, as well as addressing my irregular sleep patterns and anxiety. She used various techniques, including cupping and electroacupuncture with great results.
As someone with a fear of needles, she was very gentle and made the experience feel safe and comfortable. Overall, it was a rewarding experience and I shall continue to use acupuncture often.
— Imogen, London

I’m now so pro acupuncture thanks to Drea, so much more effective than a massage! I really feel it put me in tune with what my body needed. The whole process made me feel very relaxed and Drea’s treatment was bespoke and tailored to me. The Cupping and Gua Sha worked wonders.
— Rose, Brighton

I originally came to see Drea about my back problems as I was in a lot of pain. I had a large knot in my neck from tension, Drea used Cupping and Gua Sha in addition to acupuncture. I have tried massage previously without success - this is the only thing that has helped it go away!
Drea’s treatments helped me with more than I expected. I suffer from anxiety and sleep deficiency, after my treatments with Drea I was able to relax and sleep better. She also offered nutrition and lifestyle advice for me to do at home which was very useful.
Drea was very understanding and easy to talk to, I am not a fan of needles but with her gentle touch and advice, it helped me immensely. Drea has a natural calming ambiance about her I will definitely be booking in for more treatments with her. I found she went out of her way to help me feel comfortable and opened my eyes to these treatments.
— Elena, London

I went to see Drea about my panic attacks and painful irregular periods, after just a few sessions I found I was able to go on the tube again without feeling nauseous. She also gave me practical nutritional advice and mixed me some Bach flower remedies for the week between treatments.
She is a very calming and friendly woman, and she will stay in the room with you during the treatment to reassure you if you want. If I get ill again, will be making an appointment with Drea!
— Tina, London